Bone mineral density in Brazilian men 50 years and older

Bone mineral density (BMD) in the lumbar spine (LSBMD), femoral neck (FNBMD) and whole body (WBBMD) and whole body tissue composition were evaluated in 288 Brazilian men 50 years and older, 80% white and 20% Mulattoes. Age was inversely correlated with WBBMD (r = -0.20) and FNBMD (r = -0.21) but not...

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Publication Date:2000
Main Author: Zerbini,C.A.F.
Other Authors: Latorre,M.R.O., Jaime,P.C., Tanaka,T., Pippa,M.G.B.
Document type: Article
Published: Associação Brasileira de Divulgação Científica
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