Preparation of highly dispersed Ru-Sn bimetallic supported catalysts from the single source precursors Cp(PPh3)2Ru-SnX3 (X = Cl or Br)

In this work highly dispersed Ru-Sn bimetallic catalysts have been prepared from organobimetallic Cp(PPh3)2Ru-SnX3 (X = Cl or Br) complexes. These single source precursors can be easily impregnated in high surface area supports, such as activated carbon and sol-gel SiO2, and upon controlled thermal...

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Publication Date:2003
Main Author: Silva,Ana Cláudia Bernardes
Other Authors: Sousa,Ana Paula Guimarães de, Ardisson,José Domingos, Siebald,Helmuth Guido Luna, Moura,Edmilson, Santos,Eduardo Nicolau dos, Mohallem,Nelcy Della Santina, Lago,Rochel Montero
Document type: Article
Published: ABM, ABC, ABPol
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