Surgical outcome in patients with refractory epilepsy associated to MRI-defined unilateral mesial temporal sclerosis

INTRODUCTION: Several pre-operative work-up protocols have been used while selecting epileptic patients for surgery among different centers. The relative value of the different available pre-operative tests is still under discussion. OBJECTIVE: We report on the surgical outcome obtained in patients...

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Publication Date:2006
Main Author: Baldauf,Cristine Mella
Other Authors: Cukiert,Arthur, Argentoni,Meire, Baise-Zung,Carla, Forster,Cássio Roberto, Mello,Valeria Antakli, Burattini,José Augusto, Mariani,Pedro Paulo, Câmara,Ródio Brandão, Seda,Lauro
Document type: Article
Published: Academia Brasileira de Neurologia - ABNEURO
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