Holographic recording and characterization of photorefractive Bi2TeO5 crystals at 633 nm wavelength light

We report on the holographic recording on photorefractive Bi2TeO5 crystals using lambda = 633 nm wavelength light. We studied the behavior of this material under the action of this low photonic energy light and found out the presence of a fast and a slow hologram, both of photorefractive nature and...

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Access type:openAccess
Publication Date:2014
Main Author: de Oliveira, I
Other Authors: Carvalho, JF, Fabris, ZV, Frejlich, J
Document type: Article
Published: Melville
Amer Inst Physics
Online Access:http://www.repositorio.unicamp.br/jspui/handle/REPOSIP/69595
Citation:Journal Of Applied Physics. Amer Inst Physics, v. 115, n. 16, 2014.