Reassessment of the potential economic impact of cattle parasites in Brazil

The profitability of livestock activities can be diminished significantly by the effects of parasites. Economic losses caused by cattle parasites in Brazil were estimated on an annual basis, considering the total number of animals at risk and the potential detrimental effects of parasitism on cattle...

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Publication Date:2014
Main Author: Grisi,Laerte
Other Authors: Leite,Romário Cerqueira, Martins,João Ricardo de Souza, Barros,Antonio Thadeu Medeiros de, Andreotti,Renato, Cançado,Paulo Henrique Duarte, León,Adalberto Angel Pérez de, Pereira,Jairo Barros, Villela,Humberto Silva
Document type: Article
Published: Colégio Brasileiro de Parasitologia Veterinária
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