First molecular detection of Rickettsia sp. strain Atlantic rainforest in Amblyomma ovale ticks from Espírito Santo state, Brazil

Abstract Espírito Santo state (southeastern Brazil) is considered an endemic area for spotted fever group rickettsioses. In February 2017, we received in our laboratory seven unfed Amblyomma ovale adult ticks collected by a farmer from his clothes and body (not attached) during a working day in the...

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Publication Date:2018
Main Author: Acosta,Igor da Cunha Lima
Other Authors: Luz,Hermes Ribeiro, Faccini-Martínez,Álvaro Adolfo, Muñoz-Leal,Sebastián, Cerutti Junior,Crispim, Labruna,Marcelo Bahia
Document type: Report
Published: Colégio Brasileiro de Parasitologia Veterinária
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