Spatial variability of crop and soil properties in a crop-livestock integrated system.

The knowledge of spatial variability soil properties is useful in the rational use of inputs, as in the site specific application of lime and fertilizer. The objective of this work was to map and evaluate the spatial variability of the corn and pasture, soil chemical and physical properties in crop-...

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Publication Date:2010
Main Author: ANDRADE, R. G.
Other Authors: BERNARDI, A. C. de C., GREGO, C. R., INAMASU, R. Y., RABELLO, L. M., VAZ, C. M. P.
Document type: Conference object
Published: In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PRECISION AGRICULTURE, 10., 2010. Denver, CO. Anais... Denver, CO: Colorado State: IPNI: FAR, 2010.
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