A survey of ectoparasites in farmed nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) in Brazil, with description of parasite intensity score.


Access type:openAccess
Publication Date:2015
Main Author: JERÔNIMO, G. T.
Other Authors: PÁDUA, S. B., MENEZES-FILHO, R. N., MARTINS, M. L., BELO, M. A. A., ISHIKAWA, M. M.
Document type: Conference object
Published: In: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON FISH PARASITES, 9., Valencia, 2015. Book of Abstracts... Valencia: Universitat de Valencia, 2015. Ref. P002.
Online Access:http://www.alice.cnptia.embrapa.br/handle/doc/1036799
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