Innate immune responses associated with resistance against Haemonchus Contortus in Morada Nova sheep.

The immune response against Haemonchus contortus infections is primarily associated with the Th2 profile. However, the exact mechanisms associated with increased sheep resistance against this parasite remains poorly elucidated. The present study is aimed at evaluating mediators from the innate immun...

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Publication Date:2019
Main Author: TOSCANO, J. H. B.
Other Authors: OKINO, C. H., SANTOS, I. B. dos, GIRALDELO, L. A., VON HAEHLING, M. B., ESTEVES, S. N., CHAGAS, A. C. de S.
Document type: Article
Published: Journal of Immunology Research, v. 2019, n. 3562672, p. 1-10, 2019.
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