Rapid detection and differentiation of avian infectious bronchitis virus: an application of Mass genotype by melting temperature analysis in RT-qPCR using SYBR Green I.

A method based on Melting Temperature analysis of Hypervariable regions (HVR) of S1 gene within a RT-qPCR was developed to detect different genotypes of avian infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) and identify the Mass genotype. The method was able to rapidly identify the Mass genotype among IBV field i...

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Access type:openAccess
Publication Date:2018
Main Author: OKINO, C. H.
Other Authors: MONTASSIER, M. F. de, OLIVEIRA, A. P. de, MONTASSIER, H. J.
Document type: Article
Published: Veterinary Medical Science, v. 80, p. 725-730, fev. 2018.
Online Access:http://www.alice.cnptia.embrapa.br/alice/handle/doc/1094600
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