Analysis of the Performance of 11 Formulae for Fetal Weight Estimation in Preterm Fetuses with Abnormal Doppler Velocimetry - A Retrospective Multicenter Study

Abstract Objective To assess 11 formulae commonly used to estimate fetal weight in a population of premature fetuses who had abnormal Doppler velocimetry due to early-onset placental insufficiency. The performance of each formula was evaluated in subgroups of fetuses with expected growth and intraut...

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Publication Date:2018
Main Author: Lima,Alessandra Martins Heringer de
Other Authors: Carvalho,Paulo Roberto Nassar de, Gomes Junior,Saint Clair, Carioca,Ana Carolina Costa, Lopes,José Maria de Andrade
Document type: Article
Published: Federação Brasileira das Sociedades de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia
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