Dimensional alterations and solubility of new endodontic sealers

This study evaluated the dimensional alterations and the solubility of two experimental endodontic sealers based on Copaifera multijuga oil-resin (Biosealer) and castor oil bean cement (Poliquil), maintained in different storage solutions. Twenty specimens (3 mm diameter and 2 mm height) of each sea...

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Publication Date:2010
Main Author: Rosa,Patrícia Campos Ferreira
Other Authors: Mancini,Maria Nadir Gasparoto, Camargo,Samira Esteves Afonso, Garrido,Angela Delfina Bittencourt, Camargo,Carlos Henrique Ribeiro, Rode,Sigmar de Mello
Document type: Article
Published: Fundação Odontológica de Ribeirão Preto
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Online Access:http://www.scielo.br/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S0103-64402010000400002
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