Breeding specialty soybean cultivars for processing and value-added utilization at Embrapa in Brazil.

Through traditional genetic breeding, specialty characters are introduced into soybean, to make it more suitable for differents uses. To attend this special market, Embrapa Soybean released for commercial cultivation the cultivars BRS 213, BRS 257, BRS 216, BRS 267 and BRSMG 790A for production in o...

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Publication Date:2009
Main Author: CARRÃO-PANIZZI, M. C.
Other Authors: PIPOLO, A. E., MANDARINO, J. M. G., ARANTES, N. E., GARCIA, A., BENASSI, V. de T., ARIAS, C. A. A., KASTER, M., OLIVEIRA, M. F. de, OLIVEIRA, M. A. de, TOLEDO, J. F. F. de, MOREIRA, J. U. V., CARNEIRO, G. E. de S.
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Published: In: WORLD SOYBEAN RESEARCH CONFERENCE, 8., 2009, Beijing. Developing a global soy blueprint for a safe secure and sustainable supply: proceedings. Beijing: Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences: Institute of Crop Science, 2009. Oral Presentations. WSRC 2009. 1 CD-ROM. Editado por Lijuan Qiu, Rongxia Guan, Jian Jin, Qijan Song, Shuntang Guo, Wenbin Li, Yuanchao Wang, Tianfu Han, Xiaobing Liu, Deyue Yu, Lianzhou Jiang, Deliang Peng.
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