Sewage sludge, goat rumen and cattle rumen as inoculum for the anaerobic degradation of manipueira.

Manipueirais the effluent of starch and flour production from cassava. High organic matter content is one of its main characteristics. The biodegradability of manipueira was assessed using anaerobic sludge, cattle rumen and goat rumen as inoculum. The following parameters were evaluated: the removal...

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Publication Date:2014
Main Author: AMORIM, M. C. C.
Other Authors: SILVA, P. T. de S. e, GAVAZZA, S., NUNES, A. C. D., SANTOS, P. T. T., MOTTA SOBRINHO, M. A.
Document type: Other Conference object
Published: In: TALLER Y SIMPOSIO LATINOAMERICANO DE DIGESTION ANAEROBIA, 11., 2014, La Habana, Cuba. La digestión anaerobia en la sostenibilidad de áreas rurales. La Habana: CUJAE: CIPRO, 2014.
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