Pollen morphology of the genera Irlbachia, Tachia, Voyria and Voyriella (Gentianaceae Juss.) found in the Reserva Florestal Adolpho Ducke (Amazonas, Brazil)

A pollen morphology study of the Gentianaceae Juss. of Reserva Florestal Adolpho Ducke (Manaus, Brazil) was performed. The pollen grains of the studied species varied morphologically in their pollen units (tetrads or monads), size (small, medium and large), shape (oblate, suboblate, oblate spheroida...

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Publication Date:2012
Main Author: Ferreira,Marcos Gonçalves
Other Authors: Absy,Maria Lúcia, Gonçalves-Esteves,Vânia
Document type: Article
Published: Sociedade Botânica do Brasil
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Online Access:http://www.scielo.br/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S0102-33062012000400020
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