Antinociceptive effects of an extract, fraction and an isolated compound of the stem bark of Maytenus rigida

The antinociceptive activity of the Maytenus rigida Mart. (Celastraceae) ethanol extract and its ethyl acetate fraction as well as of (-)-4'-methylepigallocatechin (1), a previously isolated compound, was demonstrated in vivo. ED50 for 1 in the writhing test was 14.14 mg/kg. The acetic acid-ind...

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Publication Date:2012
Main Author: Martins,Marina V.
Other Authors: Estevam,Charles dos S., Santos,André L. L. M., Dias,Antonio S., Cupertino-da-Silva,Yolanda K., Araújo-Júnior,João X., Miranda,Ana Luisa P., Barreiro,Eliezer J., Pizza,Cosimo, Piacente,Sonia, Montoro,Paola, Quintans-Júnior,Lucindo J., Araujo,Brancilene S., Alexandre-Moreira,Magna S., Sant'Ana,Antônio E.G.
Document type: Article
Published: Sociedade Brasileira de Farmacognosia
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