Modulation of the catalytic activity of porphyrins by lipid-and surfactant-containing nanostructures

The structural factors modulating porphyrin activity encompass pyrrole and equatorial ligands, as well as the central metal and the number and structure of their axial ligands. Of equal importance is the microenvironment provided by apoproteins, solvents and membranes. Porphyrins are often used to c...

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Publication Date:2011
Main Author: Nantes,Iseli L
Other Authors: Durán,Nelson, Pinto,Sandra M. S, Silva,Fabiana B. da, Souza,Juliana S. de, Isoda,Noemia, Luz,Roberto A. S, Oliveira,Tiara G. de, Fernandes,Vinícius G
Document type: Article
Published: Sociedade Brasileira de Química
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