Palladium(II) complexes with thiosemicarbazones: syntheses, characterization and cytotoxicity against breast cancer cells and Anti-Mycobacterium tuberculosis activity

Three PdII complexes were prepared from N(4)-substituted thiosemicarbazones: [Pd(aptsc)(PPh3)](NO3)•H2O, 1, [Pd(apmtsc)(PPh3)](NO3), 2, and [Pd(apptsc)(PPh3)](NO3)•H2O, 3, where PPh3 = triphenylphosphine; Haptsc = 2-acetylpyridine-thiosemicarbazone; Hapmtsc = 2-acetylpyridine-N(4)-methyl-thiosemicar...

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Publication Date:2010
Main Author: Maia,Pedro I. da S.
Other Authors: Graminha,Angélica, Pavan,Fernando R., Leite,Clarice Q. F., Batista,Alzir A., Back,Davi F., Lang,Ernesto S., Ellena,Javier, Lemos,Sebastião de S., Salistre-de-Araujo,Heloisa S., Deflon,Victor M.
Document type: Article
Published: Sociedade Brasileira de Química
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