Bacterial biodiversity from an anaerobic up flow bioreactor with ANAMMOX activity inoculated with swine sludge

The present study aimed to describe the bacterial community present at an anaerobic up flow bioreactor with ANAMMOX activity, inoculated with the sludge from the anaerobic pond of a swine slurry treatment system. The description was based on the molecular DNA techniques using primers for amplificati...

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Publication Date:2011
Main Author: Viancelli,Aline
Other Authors: Kunz,Airton, Esteves,Paulo Augusto, Bauermann,Fernando Viçosa, Furukawa,Kenji, Fujii,Takao, Antônio,Regina Vasconcellos, Vanotti,Matias
Document type: Article
Published: Instituto de Tecnologia do Paraná - Tecpar
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