A gestão dos contratos de concessão de uso de imóvel na UFC: trajetória histórica e percursos avaliativos

BORGES, Silvia Helena Costa Rego. A gestão dos contratos de concessão de uso de imóvel na UFC: trajetória histórica e percursos avaliativos. 2014. 82f. – Dissertação (Mestrado) – Universidade Federal do Ceará, Programa de Pós-graduação em Políticas Públicas e Gestão da Educação Superior, Fortaleza (...

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Publication Date:2014
Main Author: Borges, Silvia Helena Costa Rego
Advisor: Cavalcante, Sueli Maria de Araújo
Document type: Master thesis
Published: www.teses.ufc.br
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Online Access:http://www.repositorio.ufc.br/handle/riufc/8998
Citation:Borges, S. H. C. R.; Cavalcante, S. M. A. (2014)
Portuguese abstract:The rate of change of the new millennium has demanded the government more responsive and reliable answers, and at the same time, has expanded the need to receive the deployment of regulatory activities to ensure that the management process runs efficiently and effectively. It is not uncommon to come across Public Administration with the need to provide space within the premises of the agency itself or entity, to exploit individuals from different services, thus characterizing the Granting Use of Real Estate. In seeking to establish best practices for management and control of these contracts, which ensure proper financial management process, with the need for a historical survey of the dynamics of such use grants from the Federal University of Ceará (UFC), this thesis has as purpose to accomplish a descriptive study on the management of Concessions Usage Properties in UFC considering pathways evaluative and its historical trajectory. The theoretical framework discusses the procurement process, highlighting legal and conceptual aspects of public contracts, in addition to presenting key concepts of the formalization, management and control of the mode of granting use of property in Brazil contract. This research is characterized as descriptive, documentary and case study type ex-post facto, because the data discussed come from facts observed in the unit under test. The sample was intentional, consisting of 74 active contracts in a universe of 102 dealers, and the data collected through the Division Contract Management, Minutes and Covenants of the Dean of Administration. It was found that from 2005, the bidding process in the form of electronic trading has been used as a hiring grant of use of property procedure, following the current legal aspects. It is observed that there has been a marked growth of assets dealers, showing a significant reduction in non-performing dealers until 2009, but returning to growth in the following years. One can also see, from the year 2006, a significant reduction in the quantity of complete extinction disabled dealers and dealers without contract.