Algumas das formas de poluição do açude de Coremas-Pb provocadas pelos moradores locais.

A água, que é bem natural, a cada dia torna-se mais escassa sua disponibilidade as populações de várias regiões. No Brasil, o nordeste é a região mais árida, com períodos cíclicos de secas. A qualidade e preservação das fontes de água doce deve ser meta constante no mundo. O trabalho proposto teve c...

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Publication Date:2013
Main Author: Paulino, Clovesbel.
Advisor: Nascimento, José Soares do.
Document type: Bachelor thesis
Department: Biologia
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Portuguese abstract:The water, which is quite natural, every day becomes more sparse populations of its availability various regions. In Brazil, the northeast is the most arid region, with cyclical periods of drought. The quality and preservation of freshwater resources should be a constant goal in the world. The proposed work aimed to clarify the local population about causing spread microbiological pollution of the dam by poor hygiene and common sense, where they can cause contamination by microorganisms that cause various diseases, either, parasitological, viral or bacterial. The weir Estevam Marinho located in the hinterland of Paraíba, in the city of Coremas has considerable hydro reserves to the people of the region with its full capacity of one billion, three hundred eighty-three meters cubic of water, supplying various cities. Water this reservoir is of dubious quality, having levels that do not comply with the standard for drinking water since the substance is essential for the maintenance of life literally composing most of all human material. In this work were photographed indicators of microbial pollutants occurring and spreading the edges of the reservoir through conduit located on the front of homes or even the formation of small garbage dumps that cause the release of microorganisms causing various types of human infection.