Citogenotoxic response of juvenile cobia Rachycentron canadum (Linnaeus, 1766) reared in two different systems

Abstract Aquaculture production is continuously growing worldwide, and marine fish farming in Brazil is still in its infancy. Intensive farming conditions may cause physiological stress to the cultured organism, which can be evaluated by citogenotoxic biomarkers. The aim of this study was to assess...

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Publication Date:2018
Main Author: Botelho,Marina Tenório
Other Authors: Passos,Maria José de Arruda Campos Rocha, Hasue,Fabio Matsu, Lemos,Daniel, Rodrigues,Edson, Yasumaru,Fanny, Phan,Ngan van, Gomes,Vicente
Document type: Article
Published: Universidade de São Paulo, Instituto Oceanográfico
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